Volume 2
Issue 9

A letter from the murderer

By John Bellingham, 12 May 1811

My dear Mr Editor,

I hope you will find the following correspondence most enlightening and present it to your loyal and sensible readers.

On Monday the Eleventh, to-day when I write it, I proclaimed justice. I have been most wrongfully dismissed by the ever-so-delightful government, my petitions to them as chaff in the wind. As it stood, I had no choice but to do what was correct, and claim my long-deserved reparations. I now trust that the jury will do the reasonable action and pronounce me "not guilty", as any who sees my plight will most certainly agree.

Best regards, J. Bellingham

The Signpost, 1812 Volume 2, Issue 9 Since 1811 Archives available Printed by Harper & Knight 12 Arthur Lane, London

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