Volume 2
Issue 9

Prime Minister assassinated

By William Blackmore, 12 May 1812
John Bellingham assassin

A rendition of the deathly event on that fateful day

Yesterday after-noon around five-fifteen, the Prime Minister was shot as he entered the House of Commons. Mr Perceval was said to have been attending an inquiry when another man came upon him with a pistol and the dear Prime Minister was killed. Witnesses reported that the Right Honourable Spencer Perceval cried, "Murder!" and fell to the ground. Several onlookers aided in the transportation of Mr Perceval into another room; he was said to have been almost lifeless at the time, and a surgeon was called. The poor man valiantly tried to save him, but there was naught he could do. Early this morning, the body of the deceased Mr Perceval was taken back to Number 10.

The dastardly individual who perpetrated this vile deed did not escape (and made no attempts to do so). Mr John Bellingham, who was identified as the assassin, claimed that Mr Perceval was the one who had truly done the injustice. Mr Bellingham was heard saying that the British government had wronged him greatly by dismissing his petitions for compensation after being imprisoned in Russia for some time.

Mr Perceval has left his poor wife and many children of all ages, and some are saying that they have been ill-provided for. It has been discovered that the only inheritance they shall receive is around £100, which Mr Perceval had kept in the bank when he died.

The Signpost, 1812 Volume 2, Issue 9 Since 1811 Archives available Printed by Harper & Knight 12 Arthur Lane, London

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